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Best Off-Road Racing Game On Phone

Off- road racing games are one of the game genres that many gamers love because of their impressive racing tracks, diverse vehicle types and free gameplay, we will synthesize the top 5 impressive terrain racing games.

If you are bored by racing games where you have to obey rigid rules, boring repetitive races, etc. then you should try to innovate with off-road racing games with many tracks novelties, unique custom vehicles.

1. Asphalt X-Treme          
Starting from the publisher of the famous racing game, Asphalt X-treme brings players to explore wild lands, where no one has ever set foot before.

The game interacts very well with the environmental elements, besides being careful with the crooked roads, steep slopes, the player must also pay attention to falling rocks, obstacles or unexpected abyss. may appear to cause an accident.

2. Offroad Drive    
Offroad Drive Desert is rated as one of the most realistic offroad racing simulation games. This is not only in the graphic element but also applies to the game experience.

When driving dangerous off-road vehicles, just a little carelessness, your vehicle can flip, break or bog. The physical damage during the control process will be recorded by the system until your vehicle completely fails.

3. Off The Road      
Off the Road is a product from the publisher DogByte Game for Android and iOS phones. In Off the Road, players can freely drive around the world, conquer extreme terrain and explore unique locations.

In addition to the aggressive terrain vehicles like off-road racing games, you will have the opportunity to test drive trucks, container trucks, boats or even helicopters if you want.

4. MMX Hill Dash 2
MMX Hill Dash 2 will take players to explore amazing racing in cities, endless deserts, vast snow fields or thorny jungles. Accompanying players are pit vehicles such as Buggy, Large displacement Truck and even tanks.

In addition to the simple control mechanism, MMX Hill Dash 2 also specially provides PVP mode so you can compete with others or compete with friends if you want.

5. Truck Evolution            
Truck Evolution has 15 maps with different weather patterns, accurately simulating the real driving experience in harsh places. Players have 4 main game modes to choose from and a variety of modes and sub maps to explore.

If you are bored of the experience alone, you can completely use the navigation function on your phone to find the players around and challenge a worthy opponent.

Each terrain racing game we introduced has its own attractive features to players. If you still have difficulty in choosing, try downloading each racing game in turn and experience the evaluation for yourself!