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F1 racing, Abu Dhabi GP: The end of the emotional journey 2020

 After more than 5 months of competition, the special F1 2020 season will finally come to an end this weekend under the night lights at Yas Marina racecourse, Abu Dhabi.

From the mountainous regions of Austria in early July to the desert area in Abu Dhabi in December, the F1 organizers have worked hard to organize 17 races across 12 different countries.

They bring excitement to millions of fans in this unprecedented year, along with jobs for insiders, FIAs, racing teams, caster and race staff. And only one final race will end this season in F1 history.

The Abu Dhabi GP first appeared on the F1 schedule in 2009, being the first to take place in the day and night transition (starting at dusk). The tournament was held at Yas Marina Circuit, one of architect Hermann Tilke’s most recent designs.

The racetrack is located on the island of Yas, only 30 minutes from the capital Abu Dhabi, UAE. Officially inaugurated with two-day test of GP2 Asia in October 2009, the first official race of the Abu Dhabi GP 2009 was held on November 1, 2009.

The track has five sections – the main stand, the West stand, the North stand, the South stand, the Marina – with 41,093 seats. Developed on a marina, the complex also includes an amusement park, water park and residential area, hotels and beaches.

The Yas Marina Circuit has a lap length of 5,554 km with all 21 corners with the longest straight stretch of 1.14 km between the 7th and 8th corners. Drivers will have to complete 55 laps for the total length. is 305,355 km.

FIA designs two DRS zones on this racetrack, area 1 is between the seventh and eighth corner, respectively, with the predetermined point of turn 7, and area 2 is right after the next chicane, the mid-section of crab 10. and 11 with the score after the 9. The fastest lap record held by Lewis Hamilton with the performance in the main race in 2019 is 1 minute 39,283 seconds.

Tire selection for Abu Dhabi GP is the same as last year with C3 for Hard tires, C4 for Medium tires, C5 for Soft tires. The teams are all too familiar with Yas Marina, which will help them achieve maximum performance in this last race.

Teams will be provided with only prototype C4 tires for the year 2021 for testing at least 8 laps and for use in FP2 only. There is also a post-season test that took place on Tuesday after the Abu Dhabi GP.