Grand Prix

F1 racing, Bahrain GP: Battle over the desert of the Middle East

The 2004 track was different from the 2005 version so far Michael Schumacher’s fastest lap set in 2004 (1 min 30,252 seconds) was not the fastest lap record of the current structure.

The tire selection for the two Bahrain races is the same with C2 for Hard tires, C3 for Medium tires and C4 for Soft tires. Most racing teams have a 2-time pit strategy in Bahrain 2019 and they focus on using C2 and C3 tires when they feel that C1 is too stiff.

In Bahrain GP, ‚Äč‚Äčeach team will be provided with 2 sets of C3 2021 design tires (per vehicle) for testing on Friday with the usual allocation of 2-3-8 tires each for the whole journey. Similar to the season ending in Abu Dhabi, teams will have the opportunity to test their C4 tire for 2021 on the second test run.

This is the first time the Bahrain GP takes place at the end of the season compared to the usual early stages of the season. However, the temperature at the beginning of the year and the end of the year here are similar, so the old data can still be applied.

However, at any time of the year, the sand from the desert can affect the track and lose the necessary traction. Two of the three test sessions take place in the afternoon weather, while the official qualifying session and race will take place in the afternoon, late evening. So the teams will need to optimize and collect as much data as possible in order to have the best performance.

After the victory in Turkey, Lewis Hamilton has reached the championship title. Before the end of the season, there are even still three remaining races to complete.