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F1 racing, Turkish GP: Calling champion Hamilton’s name (Part 2)

Returning to the racers’ situation, up to now, there are only 4 riders who have ever competed on the Istanbul Park racetrack, namely Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen, and Perez.

Except for the Brazilian driver Massa who played under the Ferrari shirt and won 3 times in Istanbul, out of the remaining 4 riders, there were 3 people who had won here, including Raikkonen, Hamilton and Vettel. This comeback, each winner in the past has a very different mentality.

Vettel was the last winner in Istanbul. This return time, along with the last races in Ferrari shirt, maybe the German driver of the 4-time world champions can make his own mark to respond to the expectations of fans in a season where Ferrari lost a lot and was in a mess with its SF1000’s weaknesses.

Pirelli gives the team a combo tire C1-C2-C3 in Turkish GP. Turkey will return to F1 races after a 7-year hiatus. Will Hamilton be crowned champion, or will teammate Bottas make the race last? Will Vettel and Ferrari get back the feeling of stepping on the podium. Will Verstappen return after the failure at Imola?

There is too much anticipation for spectators in Istanbul Park. The track has been coated with a new plastic layer will also be a challenge for racing teams, and after all, the competition between the racers in the middle of the rankings is still an attraction not to be missed.

Hamilton will extend the record, or the opportunity will be for other racers on a new but old track. All will get the answer in the official weekend on the Imola race track in Italy with the name Emilia Romagna 2020.