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F1 racing, Eifel GP (Germany): Lewis Hamilton, the record conqueror (Part 2)

Without the best speed, Ferrari 11th lap called Leclerc for the first tire change stop, after stopping pits with Medium tires, Leclerc returned to the 19th class race, right above Albon.

At the same time, Vettel lost control and slipped off the curb at turn 1, then immediately had a pit stop.

Shortly thereafter, a lock-on brake at turn 1 caused Bottas to lose his lead to Hamilton. It seems that the Soft tires do not have enough grip, so the Finnish driver stopped pits to switch to Medium round 13.

Round 14, a collision situation between Russel and Raikkonen caused Williams’ racer to give up afterwards. The incident caused the virtual safety car (VSC) signal to appear, the riders took advantage of one time to stop changing tires. Both Hamilton and Verstappen were pit-stop round 17. They returned to the track still ahead of Bottas.

All trouble has not stopped, Kvyat and Albon collide leading to Alpha Tauri’s wind wing broken at the start / finish line, causing the yellow flag to be raised. It was then that Bottas told team-radio that his car was losing energy, making him unable to maintain his rank on the track, and the Finnish racer had to stop the game in the 20th round. 2nd race must give up.

Round 21, the track supervisor issued a 10-second penalty for Raikkonen, was the cause of Williams’s Russel to give up.

In the 24-25 consecutive rounds, in turn, Renault’s Ocon, due to a transmission error, and Albon had the problem to give up. Previously, the Thai driver of Red Bull was fined 5 seconds for causing a collision with Kvyat, but due to stopping the race that penalty will not be valid for this racer. Up to this point 4 riders had to stop the game.

Round 31, both Perez and Sainz had their first pit stops. At this point, for sure the strategy for these two racers will be the only one pit-stop, they return to the track in 6-7. Soon after Perez overtook Norris, the racer apparently having a problem with the power system in his car.

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F1 racing, Eifel GP (Germany): Lewis Hamilton, the record conqueror (Part 1)

Although only starting 2, Lewis Hamilton’s desire to win was concretized by the 91st victory in his career at the German GP 2020.

Max Verstappen finished second, with Daniel Ricciardo’s podium, after the incident. pole-winning racer Valtteri Bottas give up.

Sunday afternoon at Nurbrgring started with cold weather, the track area temperature was only about 12ºC, the road surface temperature was about 18ºC. With weather like this, the tire strategy will play a very important role in being able to win.

With top riders starting with soft tires, the strategy predicted by Pirelli is about 25 laps, then shifting to medium tires. If the strategy is 2pits, it will be 19 rounds of Soft, 22 rounds of Medium and the last 19 rounds of Soft, or about 18 Soft, then 2 turns – 21 rounds with Medium.

There are no penalties on the starting line, meaning that Saturday’s ranking result is the position of the drivers at the start of the race. Nico Hulkenberg had their third race this season for Racing Point, after replacing Lance Stroll, the racer was not fit enough to attend.

After the warm-up lap, the riders returned to their starting position. When the signal light went off, the crew accelerated toward 1st corner, Bottas let Hamilton attack in the first corner, but the racer reclaimed his spot in the next corner.

During the first rounds, the top ranks gradually create a distance from each other over 1 second. Only the competition for the fourth place of Leclerc and Ricciardo is remarkable. But Ferrari riders still keep their rankings.

Right in round 8, Albon had the first pit-stop to switch to Medium tires, and fell to the end of the race. By the 9th round, Leclerc lost his position and was also under pressure from the rear group of Norris and Perez.

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Asphalt 9: Legends tips you should know to win

With no effort of waiting, finally part 9 of the Asphalt racing game series called Asphalt 9: Legends has officially been released globally.

Accordingly, fans of this cult racing game can be downloaded for free through Google Play and AppStore, or you can also download Asphalt 9: Legends on your computer to experience.

How to download Asphalt 9 is not a problem anymore, what many gamers are interested in right now is how to play well the game Asphalt 9. If you also want to win this game, do not ignore the tips to play Asphalt 9 below.

  1. Know the controls

You only need to focus on two only things: cornering and nitro pump, and the car will automatically run, turn the steering and speed up. For short turns, press the left button for cornering, press and hold to lock in more tight turns. The right button allows you to pump nitro at the right time and accelerate, the more cornering, the faster your nitro will recover.

2. Collect as much nitro as possible

The key factor to winning a race is Nitro, so you need to try to store as much nitro as possible, collect nitro cylinders on your way every time you have a chance. The nitro tank is too far away.

3. Perfect nitro pump

In the racing game Asphalt 9 there are two types of nitro, normal nitro and perfect nitro. To activate normal nitro you press the right button, and the perfect nitro you activate by pressing the nitro pump once, then wait for the purple energy bar to appear, press nitro one more time, now will activate successfully.

4. Do the mission

You will be given additional missions after each racing screen, if you complete more missions in the game, you will own tokens, it helps you buy accessories or earn more cars with more powerful engines and more beautiful.

5. Open the gift package

Although the value is not high, these gift packages also bring great benefits, it helps you get new car drawings, even money or tokens to buy items.

6. Race back to old levels

Repeating a few missions can earn you some gold, items to use in the game, because the bonuses when you win the screen will definitely not be enough for you to upgrade your car and win the next race because The difficulty of the levels is increasing.

Above are some tips to play Asphalt 9 to always win, please refer to and apply now!

Car racing games Grand Prix

Hamilton was almost eliminated at the Russian Grand Prix

Before winning the pole, British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton was almost eliminated from the 2nd qualifying round (Q2) after the accident of Sebastian Vettel.

“One of the worst qualifying rounds in my career. Everything is so horrible, my heart wants to jump out,” Hamilton said after the Sochi race on September 26.

A serious accident with Vettel’s SF1000 at the end of Q2 caused the red flag to be raised, and the race stopped. Right now, Hamilton is still halfway through the second run, although there are only 2 minutes and 15 seconds remaining.

Before that, the first run result in Q2 of the British driver was canceled due to a violation. The glitch came to Hamilton when he turned wide and crossed the curb in the final corner at the first run, causing the result to be canceled.

The Mercedes driver wanted to continue with the second run, but was called back to the pit by the instructors. Hamilton had to return to the pit to change tires, supply and return to the track. But when he was almost done on the second run, the race was advanced.

When the race returned, Hamilton’s W11 was eighth in the pit lane exit queue. On the way to the starting line, the British driver had to try hard to pass many cars above, sometimes the W11 was thrown off the side. Towards the last corner when only a few seconds to race, Hamilton had to slow down because he could not pass the car of Esteban Ocon (Renault). Over the radio, racing engineer Peter Bonnington shouted urging Hamilton: “Hurry! Must go now.”

Finally, Mercedes driver promptly reached the starting line to start the test when the time was only a few seconds. If they fail or do not perform well in the only run, the British driver will be eliminated from Q2 with 15th place. 1 minute 32.835 seconds is enough to help Hamilton reach the top 10 with fourth place. Overcoming difficult and dramatic challenges in Q2, until Q3, Hamilton regained his inherent form. He scored 1 minute 31,391 seconds when he was near the end of the first run, 0.793 seconds faster, compared to Valtteri Bottas – his teammate reached 1 minute 32,184 seconds.

However, the switch to soft tires in the last run of Q2 makes the British driver to start with this tire, instead of the average tire of rival Max Verstappen and teammate Valtteri Bottas. The average tire is rated as the optimal tire and has better performance at the official race. Therefore, Hamilton is expected to have difficulty in Sochi in the official race this afternoon on Sunday, September 27.

Bottas improved on the second run to 1 minute 31,956 seconds, but Hamilton did the same by raising the result to 1 minute 31,304 seconds. The qualifying race is almost exclusively British racing territory. In the back, in contrast to the disappointing performance in the test races, Verstappen surprised him when he surpassed Bottas to take second place. The Dutch driver’s performance was better than teammate Alex Albon by 1,141 seconds.

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Forza Horizon 3 – Attractive racing game for the computer

Forza Horizon 3 is the third version of the attractive Forza Horizon racing game series with many notable upgrades and innovations.

Download Forza Horizon 3, players will experience a series of new supercars with many different types roaming the vast map and diverse terrain.

Forza Horizon 3 is also known as the most beautiful racing game ever, with realistic graphics. Moreover, the game includes hundreds of cars, considered the game with the most number of vehicles in the history of the Horizon series. The game is set on the races in the vast continent of Australia with many real-life landmarks. As one of the countries that does not lack a variety of landscapes that are diverse enough to spoil the player’s eye, Playground Games promises to recreate Australia’s image in the most vivid world.

In Forza Horizon 3 Players will be free to adventure between unique, unique territories in Australia: Explore luminescent caves, surf on the coast with a Lamborghini Centenario, explore the coast or Try your hand at long stretches of sand in the arid deserts. And of course, topography and environment will be a big factor affecting the behavior of your car.

F1 2017 is also the latest car racing game newly released for the World Championship Formula 1 2017, in F1 2017 you will experience dramatic races on exclusive races.

Forza Horizon 3 gives players more than 350 beautiful supercars, the game is a harmonious combination of music, supercars and open roads. After each winning race, players have the opportunity to unlock many more quality new cars. You can unleash your passion for speed on each race. Demonstrating rare techniques such as picking heads, drifting, bending. Many interesting challenges are waiting for you ahead. Moreover, many adventure events also challenge the player’s courage when racing with a speedboat or giant helicopter.

The biggest innovation in Forza Horizon 3 is the graphic design. Players will be overwhelmed by creating scenes in the game that are perfectly reproduced by the most advanced technologies. Beautiful vast with magical colors dotted between clouds. All are meticulously taken care of by the game development team. The 12K HDR camera system, for example, captures thousands of shots with very high precision, and realizes a 24-hour sequence of sky movements. In Forza Horizon 3, you are not only surrounded by the majestic nature of Australia, but the infinite sky will follow your steering wheel anytime, anywhere.

In addition, mentioning the racing game can not help but mention Need for Speed. In particular, Need for Speed ​​Underground version is built with a racing scene that takes place right in the central streets, under the underground road and experiences the most dangerous moments. On the track, you are free to control, upgrade your car, choose from many racing styles.

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2 famous racing games you should try

Mini Racing Adventures

Mini Racing Adventures is a real-time online racing game that is loved and sought by many players. Game Mini Racing Adventures takes you to dramatic and equally interesting chases on a beautiful 3D graphics platform, realistic physics control and very interesting.

Mini Racing Adventures for Android players will take on the role of Martin Nitro Minimo (MnM) with a burning passion for racing and the desire to conquer the heights. Help Martin on his quests to become the record holder of the ultimate endurance racer, overcoming opponents who are chasing him.

Mini Racing Adventures for iPhone gives players a collection of 26 unique cars, with a unique look and feel when driving, conquering the farthest through 12 adventurous roads. You will start with your favorite car, buckle up and accelerate to help Martin win the fierce competition.

In Mini Racing Adventures, you’ll be driving up the highest hills, past muddy roads, slippery snowy mountains and many other extreme terrain. Try to outperform your opponents and collect the most gold, the game is an endless race that gives players an unforgettable experience of fun.

Car Eats Car Multiplayer Racing

Car Eats Car Multiplayer Racing is a racing game with bizarre trucks, racing and competing with friends in online multiplayer mode. The game allows you to customize the look of your racing car, create your truck collection and look for high achievements on leaderboards.

Car Eats Car Multiplayer Racing is a racing game that is said to be quite “crazy” with the control of monster trucks with a lot of weird shapes, each car is also equipped with weapons to attack. into the opponent. The game is played in online multiplayer mode, allowing you to team up with friends and compete together, drive and defy the rules to fly, jump, and rocket to speed up your car. finish first to become the winner.

Car Eats Car Multiplayer Racing offers players more than 20 different types of trucks, customized and upgraded to increase their power, participate in real-time survival races with Beetlee, Locadderina, Gator, Smarty and Other offroad legends. The game has simple controls, daily thrilling tournaments, experiences the adventure racing, and earn great achievements.

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Best Off-Road Racing Game On Phone

Off- road racing games are one of the game genres that many gamers love because of their impressive racing tracks, diverse vehicle types and free gameplay, we will synthesize the top 5 impressive terrain racing games.

If you are bored by racing games where you have to obey rigid rules, boring repetitive races, etc. then you should try to innovate with off-road racing games with many tracks novelties, unique custom vehicles.

1. Asphalt X-Treme          
Starting from the publisher of the famous racing game, Asphalt X-treme brings players to explore wild lands, where no one has ever set foot before.

The game interacts very well with the environmental elements, besides being careful with the crooked roads, steep slopes, the player must also pay attention to falling rocks, obstacles or unexpected abyss. may appear to cause an accident.

2. Offroad Drive    
Offroad Drive Desert is rated as one of the most realistic offroad racing simulation games. This is not only in the graphic element but also applies to the game experience.

When driving dangerous off-road vehicles, just a little carelessness, your vehicle can flip, break or bog. The physical damage during the control process will be recorded by the system until your vehicle completely fails.

3. Off The Road      
Off the Road is a product from the publisher DogByte Game for Android and iOS phones. In Off the Road, players can freely drive around the world, conquer extreme terrain and explore unique locations.

In addition to the aggressive terrain vehicles like off-road racing games, you will have the opportunity to test drive trucks, container trucks, boats or even helicopters if you want.

4. MMX Hill Dash 2
MMX Hill Dash 2 will take players to explore amazing racing in cities, endless deserts, vast snow fields or thorny jungles. Accompanying players are pit vehicles such as Buggy, Large displacement Truck and even tanks.

In addition to the simple control mechanism, MMX Hill Dash 2 also specially provides PVP mode so you can compete with others or compete with friends if you want.

5. Truck Evolution            
Truck Evolution has 15 maps with different weather patterns, accurately simulating the real driving experience in harsh places. Players have 4 main game modes to choose from and a variety of modes and sub maps to explore.

If you are bored of the experience alone, you can completely use the navigation function on your phone to find the players around and challenge a worthy opponent.

Each terrain racing game we introduced has its own attractive features to players. If you still have difficulty in choosing, try downloading each racing game in turn and experience the evaluation for yourself!

Car racing games Grand Prix

F1 racing, Belgian GP: The power of Hamilton

Belgian GP witnessed an ambitious, stylish and brave Lewis Hamilton, unmatched by Mercedes.

The Spa race started with a rare sight, the result at Saturday’s qualifying round also where the riders would start in the Sunday afternoon race. There is no reason to change such as penalty, or replacement of engine components. But before the race started, McLaren driver Carlos Sainz was unable to enter the race due to a problem. exhaust system, ending the game before it started.

The weather in the racetrack area, although it is expected to rain, is in fact in ideal conditions before the race takes place. The air temperature is 18ºC and the pavement temperature is about 31.5ºC. 

Before the race, teams spent 1-minute commemorating young driver Anthoine Hubert who died in the race here last season in mode F2.

The first three riders, Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen, all use Medium tires – the tires they use to set-time in Q2. But Pirelli predicted the opposite, the optimal technical stop strategy is to run soft tires (Soft) for about 18 laps then switch to Medium, or 16 laps then use hard tires (Hard) to complete the game.

Another pit stop strategy is Soft 14 rounds, Medium 16 rounds and Soft at the last stint. If starting Medium, after 20 rounds will stop and switch to Hard. Maintaining optimal tire performance, teams can apply differentiated pit stops for an advantage on the track.

Belgian GP began and Hamilton steadily led the race from the first corner. In the back, Ocon quickly got ahead of Albon, and Ricciardo failed to attack Verstappen.

Meanwhile, Leclerc had a spectacular depart, coming in 8th place, ahead of riders Gasly, Perez, Norris and Kvyat. Ferrari second driver Vettel ranked 13th and is under pressure from Giovinnazzi in the back.

The problem is that Ferrari’s car does not have enough speed in straight lines, so only in round 5, Leclerc was overtaken by Gasly and Perez, dropped to 10th place, the young Italian team driver continued to be overtaken by Norris in the next round.

The lack of maximum speed on the Kemmel straight line did not help Leclerc maintain the advantage, so the eighth round of the Ferrari duo respectively ranked 12-13 disappointed.

At the top of the race, Hamilton firmly took the first place, leading Bottas by nearly 2 seconds and Verstappen by more than 5 seconds. Top 3 are far behind the following group with a distance that is not easy to level. From 4th to 10th place is the stability of the positions of the Renault, Racing Point, McLaren and Alpha Tauri teams, the position fluctuations may have to wait after the first pit stop of the teams.

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Top 8 free Android racing games to play (Part 2)

In this article, we will continues introducing to all of you remaining 4 games of 8 free car racing games for Android system for you to play!

Ok, it’s time to find out!

Hill Climb Racing 2

This game is considered as one of the best motorcycle racing games for 2 players. You will join your teammates in driving a jeep to create steep hill climbing racing through the virtual keyboard. The game is oriented towards off-road racing, so you have to adjust it carefully if you do not want the car to flip.

Real Racing 3

Game Real Racing 3 will provide players with 45 beautiful cars in the world from many famous brands such as Porsche, Dodge, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, etc. made in the form of extremely beautiful and realistic 3D graphics. The models will be upgraded and expanded each year.

Initially, you will buy a car for yourself and wait until you receive the message “Shipped” to start the race. You will have to try your best to become the top 1 finish racer in the game. After each victory, players will receive a bonus to upgrade their vehicle to be stronger.

Turbo Racing League

Online light racing game android Turbo Racing League will put you in a fierce race with “snails”. The game has a main gameplay that focuses on designing the track and adjusting the speed of the snails, not too focused on controlling the steering wheel or the action drift like other racing games. This game is suitable for children and adults.

Racing Micro GP

At first, you will see that the graphics of Racing Micro GP are not really beautiful and professional. But do not ignore this game so that. The style in the game is unlike the other android racing games on this list. Racing Micro GP focuses on developing world famous Formula 1 racing art with KERS flywheel system.

Car racing games

Top 8 free Android racing games to play (Part 1)

Racing game is very good, but if the requirements of beautiful graphics, not all mobile phones can satisfy them. 

So, today we would like to send you 9 free android light racing games to help you immerse yourself in the speed races on weekends.

Asphalt Xtreme

Light racing game for android Asphalt Xtreme will take players to races no one has arrived yet. The game will help you unleash your steering ability as you steer the car through many winding roads, desert bends or high difficulty mountainous areas. Only focus and fire can help players win this race full of tears.

Game đua xe nhẹ android Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing is the best car racing game on your phone with extremely standard drift screens like Fast and Furious. When it comes to android street racing games in the style of losing grip, CarX Drift Racing is a difficult name to replace.

CSR Racing 2

Possessing super-sharp 3D graphics and smooth control mechanisms, CSR Racing 2 will make every gamer experience this game addictive. Unlike the Asphalt series of racing games, CSR Racing 2 follows a style that helps players show their ability to accelerate into gear combined with the NOS system to beat other racers.

Tải game đua xe cho android CSR Racing 2

Grand Prix Story 2

This is a good racing game on light android genre simulation, your task is to build your own racing team and conquer the speed records in the game.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits

Need for Speed ​​No Limits is an online mobile racing game that helps players mingle with rogue racers entering the illegal racing world. The game allows players to design and upgrade their own vehicles to quickly go to the top of glory. To win, you have to do everything like knocking your opponent away to overtake or handling the police blocking your track.

For better player experience, the game provides you with many powerful impressive music, extremely vibrant sound for you to immerse in the race. In addition to music, the roar of the car will make you very excited.