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With the British Prime Minister on his back, F1 Hamilton is about to be called Sir Lewis!

Lewis Hamilton has just been included on the list of the UK’s Knights of the United Kingdom, though not everyone agrees.

Lewis Hamilton is about to be crowned Knight of the United Kingdom, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson ignored all doubts about the 7-time VDG F1 driver evading tax to put him on the list of nominations for Sir.

According to general judgment, in history, no English sportsman has been promoted in the midst of such fierce controversy.

This only shows how big the British Prime Minister wants to see how big Hamilton is named Sir on the first day of 2021.

However, that yearning is not difficult to understand. Born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, the 35-year-old Mercedes driver was the first black racer at F1 to become an icon of the sport.

Coming soon to be known as Sir Lewis, Hamilton has a net worth of £ 250 million, but has lived in tax-free places like Monaco for the past decade.

Before that, right after the 2007 season he first played at F1, he soon left England to Switzerland to not have to pay too much tax.

However, the F1-related British politicians have confirmed that Hamilton is still among the top 5,000 taxpayers in the UK.

However, the tax he pays is clearly not commensurate with the highest income in F1 history. That is why the Prime Minister has to include him in the foreign category with the explanation that it is necessary to recognize special servants to the UK from abroad.

Even a source close to the British Prime Minister revealed: “Boris made it clear that he wanted Lewis to be knighted, so everyone aside”.

Thus, after receiving the BBC’s 2020 Outstanding Athlete Award and receiving MBE in 2008 for the first F1 title, Hamilton now becomes the fourth F1 driver in history to be knighted.

Car racing games Grand Prix

F1 racing, Eifel GP (Germany): Lewis Hamilton, the record conqueror (Part 2)

Without the best speed, Ferrari 11th lap called Leclerc for the first tire change stop, after stopping pits with Medium tires, Leclerc returned to the 19th class race, right above Albon.

At the same time, Vettel lost control and slipped off the curb at turn 1, then immediately had a pit stop.

Shortly thereafter, a lock-on brake at turn 1 caused Bottas to lose his lead to Hamilton. It seems that the Soft tires do not have enough grip, so the Finnish driver stopped pits to switch to Medium round 13.

Round 14, a collision situation between Russel and Raikkonen caused Williams’ racer to give up afterwards. The incident caused the virtual safety car (VSC) signal to appear, the riders took advantage of one time to stop changing tires. Both Hamilton and Verstappen were pit-stop round 17. They returned to the track still ahead of Bottas.

All trouble has not stopped, Kvyat and Albon collide leading to Alpha Tauri’s wind wing broken at the start / finish line, causing the yellow flag to be raised. It was then that Bottas told team-radio that his car was losing energy, making him unable to maintain his rank on the track, and the Finnish racer had to stop the game in the 20th round. 2nd race must give up.

Round 21, the track supervisor issued a 10-second penalty for Raikkonen, was the cause of Williams’s Russel to give up.

In the 24-25 consecutive rounds, in turn, Renault’s Ocon, due to a transmission error, and Albon had the problem to give up. Previously, the Thai driver of Red Bull was fined 5 seconds for causing a collision with Kvyat, but due to stopping the race that penalty will not be valid for this racer. Up to this point 4 riders had to stop the game.

Round 31, both Perez and Sainz had their first pit stops. At this point, for sure the strategy for these two racers will be the only one pit-stop, they return to the track in 6-7. Soon after Perez overtook Norris, the racer apparently having a problem with the power system in his car.

Grand Prix

F1 racing, Eifel GP (Germany): Lewis Hamilton, the record conqueror (Part 1)

Although only starting 2, Lewis Hamilton’s desire to win was concretized by the 91st victory in his career at the German GP 2020.

Max Verstappen finished second, with Daniel Ricciardo’s podium, after the incident. pole-winning racer Valtteri Bottas give up.

Sunday afternoon at Nurbrgring started with cold weather, the track area temperature was only about 12ºC, the road surface temperature was about 18ºC. With weather like this, the tire strategy will play a very important role in being able to win.

With top riders starting with soft tires, the strategy predicted by Pirelli is about 25 laps, then shifting to medium tires. If the strategy is 2pits, it will be 19 rounds of Soft, 22 rounds of Medium and the last 19 rounds of Soft, or about 18 Soft, then 2 turns – 21 rounds with Medium.

There are no penalties on the starting line, meaning that Saturday’s ranking result is the position of the drivers at the start of the race. Nico Hulkenberg had their third race this season for Racing Point, after replacing Lance Stroll, the racer was not fit enough to attend.

After the warm-up lap, the riders returned to their starting position. When the signal light went off, the crew accelerated toward 1st corner, Bottas let Hamilton attack in the first corner, but the racer reclaimed his spot in the next corner.

During the first rounds, the top ranks gradually create a distance from each other over 1 second. Only the competition for the fourth place of Leclerc and Ricciardo is remarkable. But Ferrari riders still keep their rankings.

Right in round 8, Albon had the first pit-stop to switch to Medium tires, and fell to the end of the race. By the 9th round, Leclerc lost his position and was also under pressure from the rear group of Norris and Perez.

British Grand Prix

Some dominant record of the Great British Grand Prix

British GP racing is always the race that attracts the most participants. Only counting the number of spectators in the stands, the main race day attracted 140,000 people and the total throughout the week of the race had 350,000 spectators.

F1 fans in the UK are also considered the most passionate in the world, as they often flood down the track to celebrate. In the past, when the Englishman Mansell finished first, many fans celebrated so early that the remaining riders had no way to finish a good race or pit.

The first F1 British Grand Prix in 1950 was the only race with the participation of the royal family in the presence of King George VI.

The 1960s were a time when British riders were most successful with world-class riders such as Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill. Jim and Jackie have won 5 times on Silverstone, only Graham has never won at home.

In history, there have been 22 times the British riders won on their homeland. The closest is Lewis Hamilton’s victory in 2017.

Ferrari is the most successful racing team on the Silverstone track with 14 wins and 11 wins in pole in history.

The basic information about Silverstone racetrack

Type: Closed race track

Length: 5,891 km

18 bends

Number of laps: 52 laps

Total distance for racing: 306,198 km

Maximum speed: 329 km / h

Average speed: 234 km / h

The longest segment of the line: 1,034 m

Official lap record (Lap Record): 1: 30,621, created by Lewis Hamilton in 2017; F1 racing car Mercedes W08

Pole Record lap record: 1: 25,892, created by Lewis Hamilton in 2018; F1 racing car Mercedes W09

Who will win the British Grand Prix 2019?

From the beginning of the 2019 season, Mercedes has always been the dominant team with 1-2 achievements in the races, before having to lose at the Austrian GP.

In 2018, Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) was the winner of the British GP race. Lewis Hamilton, despite the pole advantage and cheering from the home audience, only finished second. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) was the other driver who stepped onto the podium.

The race in Austria ended in disappointment for Mercedes fans when Bottas finished third and Hamilton finished fifth, though just a week earlier Mercedes was still overwhelmingly victorious in France. Is British GP an opportunity to “revenge” and return of the “silver arrow” racing team?