Car racing games

2 famous racing games you should try

Mini Racing Adventures

Mini Racing Adventures is a real-time online racing game that is loved and sought by many players. Game Mini Racing Adventures takes you to dramatic and equally interesting chases on a beautiful 3D graphics platform, realistic physics control and very interesting.

Mini Racing Adventures for Android players will take on the role of Martin Nitro Minimo (MnM) with a burning passion for racing and the desire to conquer the heights. Help Martin on his quests to become the record holder of the ultimate endurance racer, overcoming opponents who are chasing him.

Mini Racing Adventures for iPhone gives players a collection of 26 unique cars, with a unique look and feel when driving, conquering the farthest through 12 adventurous roads. You will start with your favorite car, buckle up and accelerate to help Martin win the fierce competition.

In Mini Racing Adventures, you’ll be driving up the highest hills, past muddy roads, slippery snowy mountains and many other extreme terrain. Try to outperform your opponents and collect the most gold, the game is an endless race that gives players an unforgettable experience of fun.

Car Eats Car Multiplayer Racing

Car Eats Car Multiplayer Racing is a racing game with bizarre trucks, racing and competing with friends in online multiplayer mode. The game allows you to customize the look of your racing car, create your truck collection and look for high achievements on leaderboards.

Car Eats Car Multiplayer Racing is a racing game that is said to be quite “crazy” with the control of monster trucks with a lot of weird shapes, each car is also equipped with weapons to attack. into the opponent. The game is played in online multiplayer mode, allowing you to team up with friends and compete together, drive and defy the rules to fly, jump, and rocket to speed up your car. finish first to become the winner.

Car Eats Car Multiplayer Racing offers players more than 20 different types of trucks, customized and upgraded to increase their power, participate in real-time survival races with Beetlee, Locadderina, Gator, Smarty and Other offroad legends. The game has simple controls, daily thrilling tournaments, experiences the adventure racing, and earn great achievements.