British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix 2019 – A great challenge for riders

From July 12 to July 14, the F1 GP UK race will take place at Silverstone racetrack, which is more than 70 years old. This is the home ground for racer Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – who is at the top of the rankings for the 2019 season, but also a “mecca” to guarantee the victories of the Ferrari team.

Silverstone – the beginning of the F1 world race

The Silverstone racetrack is next to Silverstone’s Northamptonshire village, the oldest in the UK. England is considered a “promising land” for F1 racing teams, because of the 10 teams participating in this season, there are 7 teams based in the UK. Mercedes, Red Bull, Haas, Williams, Renault and McLaren are only 70 miles from Silverstone; while the Racing Point racing headquarters is located on the main road that connects to the gate of this track.

No one expected the Ring Road to RAF Silverstone airport in 1942 to become one of the most beautiful racetracks in the world today. In 1947, Silverstone racetrack was first used in a racing competition; In 1948, the first British Grand Prix was organized here.

In 1950, the first time the F1 race was held and Silverstone was chosen as the venue for the first race. That’s why the oldest race in England is considered a symbol of the history of F1 racing. The 1950s British GP took place successfully on May 13 with the victory of Giuseppe on the Alfa Romeo 158. Having had a good start on the Silverstone “mecca”, Giuseppe became the season winner and won the prize that year, which was the first world championship in history.

Over the past 70 years, although the structure of the track has changed over the years, Silverstone has always retained the important characteristic of being one of the fastest speeds in F1 races.

The classic corners like Maggotts, Becketts, and Abbey are the biggest challenges for riders. At British GP 2018, Lewis Hamilton compared the speed of the race at Silverstone to the fighter jet, to give the audience a picture of the race track in Northamptonshire.