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Top 10 best online pc racing games today (Part 3)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted – good online racing game on pc

Referring to the name Most Wanted, no gamer finds an online racing game on pc without knowing it. Need for Speed Monument Most Wanted Mod Loader (2005) is rated as one of the best pc racing games of all time.

First impression would like to mention that this new version of NFS Most Wanted is about graphics technology. Each car and scene in the game is very elaborately polished, you will feel like you are playing the ultimate version on the PC like ever again.

Game 3d đua xe đồ họa đẹp pc Need for Speed: Most Wanted

As a racing game for speed enthusiasts, the collection of games in the car in small clown with the number of more than 40 units from many famous brands such as Porscher 911 Turbo, BMW M3, Jaguar XKR, ALFA Romeo, Lamborghini Gallardo LP570, … Each model is made very real same life version. Certainly when experiencing you can not decry, of course we only compare with other mobile racing games only.

To buy yourself a favorite car, be one of the top finishers of the race, spend as much money and SP points as possible to quickly buy your favorite driver.

The Crew 2 – PC racing game like real life

The Crew 2 is the fascinating racing game that follows the successful version of The Crew, which was released many years ago. With this version, the manufacturer has set the scene to be able to open and gamers can enjoy racing anywhere in the virtual world. Players can invite friends or play on their own, organize an illegal race outside the law.

The manufacturer encourages gamers to work together to perform the task, the in-game map is designed completely freely so that players can drive love to wherever they want.

Tải game đua xe online mô phỏng đời thực The Crew 2

In this new version, gamers will be involved in exciting and exciting races. In addition to using the car, players can choose to race helicopters, aircraft, and boat racing under the water.

In addition, The Crew 2 version gives gamers a variety of racing environments such as rugged terrain or the crowded streets of New York, where underground races still take place regularly. Of course, it is still indispensable for the long rivers to race you or the blue sky on the city for you to play in the air.