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Top 10 best online pc racing games today (Part 5)

World of Speed ​​- the best racing game 2019

World of Speed is an online racing game made in the form of free-to-play online games, originally released in two main markets, Europe and North America, but later Asian countries can also download to play.

The game was developed by Slighty Mad Studio, this is a famous game manufacturer by a series of famous racing games on PC, consoles such as: Need for Speed ​​Shift (and the next version after that is Shift 2 : Unleashed) or the legendary racing game we mentioned on Project CARS. As soon as the source was leaked from E3 2013, World of Speed ​​was favored when the gaming community was interested and the famous major newspapers posted.

Game đua xe ấn tượng World of Speed chuẩn bị rộng mở miễn phí trên ...

Compared to many other online racing games, World of Speed ​​(WoS) has chosen a completely new path in the gameplay. Instead of focusing on the personal accomplishments of solo players, World of Speed ​​emphasizes on teamwork – this is quite similar to other online or 2019 racing games called The Crew.

However, although it is a team game, WoS does not force the team members to interact with each other, but instead, each member will take on different roles to bring good performance for the whole team.

Accordingly, in each level of brain racing, players will be required to complete one of the tasks such as drift earn points, find shortcuts, prevent opponents from reaching the finish line, … each mission has the ultimate goal is Improve team performance at the end of the race.

World of Speed

Although by 2019. the game is still in the development phase but the number of vehicles in the game has been very impressive and patched. The vehicle system includes all types from sports to specialized racing cars, including some outstanding names such as Mazda; Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ400; Mini Cooper S; Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV; Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG; Pagani Huayra; McLaren MP4-12C; Chevrolet Camaro SS ….

In addition, the game will have a race track that originates from racing in many locations around the world such as London, Moscow, San Francisco, Barthust, California, … and many other maps.