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With the British Prime Minister on his back, F1 Hamilton is about to be called Sir Lewis!

Lewis Hamilton has just been included on the list of the UK’s Knights of the United Kingdom, though not everyone agrees.

Lewis Hamilton is about to be crowned Knight of the United Kingdom, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson ignored all doubts about the 7-time VDG F1 driver evading tax to put him on the list of nominations for Sir.

According to general judgment, in history, no English sportsman has been promoted in the midst of such fierce controversy.

This only shows how big the British Prime Minister wants to see how big Hamilton is named Sir on the first day of 2021.

However, that yearning is not difficult to understand. Born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, the 35-year-old Mercedes driver was the first black racer at F1 to become an icon of the sport.

Coming soon to be known as Sir Lewis, Hamilton has a net worth of £ 250 million, but has lived in tax-free places like Monaco for the past decade.

Before that, right after the 2007 season he first played at F1, he soon left England to Switzerland to not have to pay too much tax.

However, the F1-related British politicians have confirmed that Hamilton is still among the top 5,000 taxpayers in the UK.

However, the tax he pays is clearly not commensurate with the highest income in F1 history. That is why the Prime Minister has to include him in the foreign category with the explanation that it is necessary to recognize special servants to the UK from abroad.

Even a source close to the British Prime Minister revealed: “Boris made it clear that he wanted Lewis to be knighted, so everyone aside”.

Thus, after receiving the BBC’s 2020 Outstanding Athlete Award and receiving MBE in 2008 for the first F1 title, Hamilton now becomes the fourth F1 driver in history to be knighted.